The Groves Police Department is now accepting applications for the position of Patrol Officer. Interested applicants should print out and complete the Groves Police Department Employment Application. 

Applications should be turned in via mail or email to 
Groves Police Department
Attn: Training Division
4201 Main Ave.
Groves, TX 77619
409-962-0244 EXT 6013
Applications ARE NOT being handled through Human Resources and are only available online. Any questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Training Supervisor at 409-960-0244 EXT 6016. Testing will be announced at a later date. Qualified applicants will be notified in writing advising them of the location, time, and instructions for testing upon approval of their application.

Job Description / Requirements

Groves Police Department Application

The last page of the application requires the form to be notarized. This MUST be done prior to turning in your application. Office staff will not notarize this form for you. Most banks have notaries as well as other service type locations.

Written Exam Study Guide

The Personal History Statement may be downloaded below. It is advised that you go ahead and begin working on this and gathering necessary documents as it will be a short time after the written and physical testing. The Personal History Statement MUST be typed, printed out and turned in to the training supervisor. DO NOT turn it in on the day of testing. The test administrator will advise you of a due date at the conclusion of the testing. 

Personal History Statement