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Water Meter Readings Important Information

All water meters in the City of Groves consist of two connected component; the meter and a radio transmitter.  The typical useful life for a water meter is 15 to 20 years, but the radio transmitter is dependent on its battery.  If the battery in your old radio transmitter attached to the meter has “died” and the City was unable to acquire an actual read off of the meter from the radio transmitter, your consumption may have been estimated for your recent bills.  If the City underestimated the consumption on your bills, you may see a higher bill the first month when the meter is read in-person or after the new meter is installed.  Conversely, if the consumption is overestimated, you may see a lower bill.  This is the “catch-up” required to make up the difference between the estimates and your actual water use.  The meter was always working, but the dead radio transmitter meant that the City could not obtain the reading off of the meter as designed.


For additional information, please contact:

Water Billing Department: 409.960.5777

Lamar Ozley: 409.960.5774 or