City Manager, Kevin Carruth

Clarissa Thibodeaux, City Clerk

Lamar Ozley, Finance Director

City Fax: 409.963.3388

Chris Borne
Mayor's Office

City Hall
City Council
The Groves City Council is composed of a mayor and four council members elected at-large. Other than the mayor, not more than one council member can be a resident of the same ward. City Council Meetings are open to the public and are held in the City Council Chambers at the Groves Municipal Building, 3947 Lincoln Avenue. Meetings are held on alternate Mondays at 5:00 p.m.

Duties of the Council include appointing a city manager, setting the tax rate, approving the budget, planning for capital improvements, adopting all City ordinances, selecting citizens to serve on boards and commissions, appointing the city attorney, city clerk, and municipal court judge, and approving major land transactions, purchases, and contracts.

The mayor, who serves as one member of the Council, acts as the official head of the city government, however, the mayor does not serve in this capacity full time.
City Manager

City Manager

Kevin Carruth




Chris Borne


Chris Borne

Ward 1

Mark McAdams



Ward 2

Paul Oliver

Pete Kontis

Ward 3


Pete Konidis

Rhonda Dugas

Ward 4

Rhonda Dugas