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Code of Ordinances - NO PARKING ON GRASS


Neighborhood Services Code Enforcement Division is responsible for keeping the neighborhoods free and clear of dilapidated structures, junk motor vehicles, and lack of property maintenance, eyesores and nuisances. Some common violations are:


 Dilapidated Structure/Unsecured Structure

It is against City Ordinances to let an unoccupied structure to remain on premise in a dilapidated state. Examples: holes in the roof, foundation failure, broken windows, unlocked or open doors.  


Inoperable Vehicles

This covers vehicles within sight from public or private property that have been abandoned, inoperable, wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled and even flat tires (or no) tires. Vehicles must have current license plates and inspection stickers and be capable of legal operation on any street or highway.


Dirty/Abandoned Pools - Pools Without Fences

This covers abandoned/neglected pools and pools capable of holding water in excess of twenty four (24”) inches without a fence around the perimeter.


Accumulation of Junk

It shall be unlawful for any person to accumulate, store or possess any junk on any premise owned by him/her or under his/her control within the city.

Living without Water Utility Service

It shall be the duty of every person, corporation or firm that owns, occupies, rents or leases and building within the city to apply for and maintain water utility service.

How do I report a code violation?

To report violators call 409-960-5775 or fill out the questionnaire below and return to:


Neighborhood Services
3947 Lincoln
Groves, Texas 77619