Inspection and Permits Division
Don Pedraza - Building Official

Paige Molbert - Permit Tech
409.960.5700 or 409.960.5701

Fax Number: 409.962.9433
Welcome to the City of Groves Public Works Department

Inspections Division

The Inspections and Permits Division is located at the Public Works Building at 4925 McKinley.

Citizens and contractors are required to secure the proper permits from this Division prior to the start of new construction, alterations, and or improvements on residential or commercial properties. The Building Official reviews all construction plans, and conducts field inspections to ensure compliance with City Ordinances, and State and National Codes.

This Division is the source of information and interpretation of the Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Codes. The Building Official works in conjunction with the Planning and Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustments, Construction Board of Appeals and is on hand to provide information to the public. As Floodplain Administrator, the Building Official supplies the public with information and offers in-office inspection of the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Citizen complaints regarding zoning and Code violations are processed through this Division.

Information needed on construction, building setback requirements, flood zone elevation, Code or zoning questions may be obtained by calling this Division Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at 960-5707.

New Residential Construction:

  • General Liability Ins or City of Groves Bond
  • Completed building permit application
  • Two (2) complete sets of 24 x 36 paper floor plans/blueprints, but not limited to elevations, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural
  • Plot Plan and Site Survey, including a legal description. The survey must have been completed and stamped or sealed by a licensed land surveyor
  • Drainage plan showing the type of roof drainage system and how the roof drainage and surface water will be directed to the city’s drainage system without draining onto adjacent property
  • Third party Energy Code REScheck Compliance Certificate passed, signed and dated
  • Windstorm requirements - an engineer must submit the calculations for the required 120-mph wind load. The engineer’s framing inspection shall be submitted to the City before a City framing inspection is requested and performed
  • Storm water application and Notice of Intent (NOI) issued by TCEQ
  • Register new address with 911 (Res and Comm)

New Commercial Construction:

  • All items listed for new residential, and;
  • Proof of registration with the TDLR for compliance with Texas Accessibility Standards required for projects valued at $50,000 and more.
  • An asbestos survey must be made prior to renovation or demolition of public or commercial buildings and the survey must be submitted to the Inspection Department prior to a permit being issued.
  • COMcheck form-passed, signed, dated submitted.
  • Copy of the application required by the Fire Department for a master key lockbox.
  • Approval by the Fire Marshal (409) 960-5762 required before permit is issued.
  • Plot plan with number and location of parking spaces shown with type of construction listed.
  • DD7 review and approval of all comm plans

Before any construction begins, if required, the construction location site shall have on site a portable restroom, trash container or similar method approved by the building official and visible address numbers. If located within the storm water permit requirement then in addition to the other on site requirements the silt fencing, storm water permit posted and construction of a rock ingress and egress approach or similar method approved by the building official shall be installed.

Permitting Requirements for sub-contractors:

Air Conditioning:
(1) State License
(2) Certificate of Insurance

Master Electrician:
(1) State License-MASTER; State License - Journeyman
(3) Certificate of Insurance

(1) Certificate of Insurance must be listed with State Website
(2) Copy of License

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