Streets and Drainage

Joey Breaux
Jefferson County
Dear Citizens:            
The Street Dept. will be reconstructing Monroe Blvd. from Main Ave. to Hwy 347 (Twin City Hwy). Estimated Start date April 1, 2020. The process will take about three months Weather Permitting. We will be adding 4” of limestone base to stabilize the road, then two coats of chip seal to help future asphalt overlay. You will be able to get in and out of your property during this time. Please do not block the side of the road. We will distribute letters when we are ready to start putting sealant (prime oil) on the road.   

If you have any further questions you can contact Joey Breaux at 409-960-5703

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thank You,
Joey Breaux
Street & Drainage Dept.

Road Construction will be in 3 – phases
First phase - Hwy 347 to Lawndale Ave.
Second phase - Lawndale Ave to Graves Ave.
Third phase – Graves Ave to Main Ave.

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Streets and Drainage
The Street Unit repairs and maintains the street system. If you notice a pothole, please report it to this Unit. Driveways require a permit and they are free. The reason for obtaining a permit is to be sure that the correct size culvert is used and that the new drive ends one foot from the edge of the pavement. The earthen or bottomless drives are no longer allowed.

The Drainage Unit cleans ditches, sets culverts, and maintains the City drainage system. The concrete lined ditches in the City belong to the Jefferson County Drainage District No. 7. Please keep the leaves and other trash out of the ditches. This debris stops up the system causing high water. Be advised that a 15" diameter culvert is the minimum size. NO 12" CULVERTS ARE ALLOWED.

2018-2019 Drainage Maintenance

2020 City of Groves Streets Program Map